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Sunday 20th, Arrival




A warm welcome awaits you, as you take the time to settle in and enjoy a herbal brew whilst you familiarise yourself with our stunning location here at Stanford Farm.

(Free time relaxation. You may decide to treat yourself in our Hot Tub or with a massage or a reiki treatment at an additional cost  We offer certified holistic practitioners pre-booking only. )



Introduction about the place where you are staying ( with health and safety info) and a schedule of the 3 days.



Meal served, enjoy a nutritious home cooked meal served alfresco (weather permitting).

Time to get to know your tribe.



Fire Pit


Cleansing Ceremony using World Techniques such as Smudging Sage, Frankincense, Pablo Santo Sticks, cleansing our exterior and inner energy from negativity. These techniques have been used by healers for centuries and are continually used in modern day holistic healing practices.

Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice, marking the

beginning of Summer and the longest day.

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 Good Morning



Gratitude Meditation giving thanks is a great way to start your day it's a very present action. 15 minutes



Female Warrior Movement Class.

Learn how to connect with your internal warrior.

by certified teacher 



Well deserved Breakfast full of goodness. High in protein to give the best energy, and slow release, so you can focus and succeed in your present day matters.



Introduction to Mindfulness and Wellbeing, what Mindfulness is and what it isn't, demystify meditation beliefs.



 Guided walk in nature, practicing our awareness and being present whilst enjoying our connection with nature. 




Freshly made, nutritious cooked food served alfresco



Workshop Releasing and letting go Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.). This technique is one of the fastest growing, holistic approaches to healing, physical and emotional pains and trauma.



Time for reflection and exploration, give yourself time, in silence, to go and put into practice the new tools taught, or to reflect about what you have learnt. The surroundings are beautiful with many places to find solitude. Please respect others' quiet time. There will be plenty of time to talk about our experiences. This is important self care practice.

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 Free time relaxation. You may decide to treat yourself for a massage or a reiki session at an additional cost  We offer certified holistic practitioners pre booking only.


 Freshly cooked nutritious meal is served alfresco


Silent disco a moment to release and let go using the power of sound and movement


Fire pit connecting as a tribe to reflect and discuss our experiences and to finish off with a good old fashioned sing song celebrating the summer solstice 



 Great way to start the day with a gratitude meditation


A guided walk in nature practising our awareness and being present.


 Breakfast full of nutritious goodness to set you up for the day 


Guided meditation visualisation and gratitude.



 Free time: you may want to take this time to journal and reflect you time here over the 3 days, or indulge in a massage or reiki session.


13.00 - Lunch



Tribe reflection and setting out our new intentions


Farewell and time for your new adventure