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Spring Awakening

Road Trippers 

Women's Empowerment

11th - 14th  March 2022


"Sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect."

In these modern times, we’re so absorbed with the fast pace of the today's ever growing technology. We sometimes find ourselves struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance. We often find we are replying to emails or calling clients out of hours. On our mindfulness retreats you are in new surroundings where nature helps you to relax your mind and body, which encourages restoration and relaxation. We emphasise you to not use technological devises such as mobile phones or tablets.

Social media companies, pharmaceutical and drug dealers are the only companies that call the clients "users".


Anyone can go on a retreat

Everyone can take part in a mindfulness and wellbeing retreats, and tailor it to suit their own needs. Whether you are stressed from work, home, suffer from lack of confidence and self worth, not sure what they want from life, or someone who wants to lose weight or simply wants be healthy. Retreats give the opportunity to allow new, positive change.


Nicola (aka Voddy)
Company Director of Roadtrippers Events & Unity Fest

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