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5 Top tips for Happiness

Updated: May 2, 2018

Happiness is Choice first and foremost. So it Begins with you.

Sitting and reflecting on a mountain in Peru
My Time in Peru

Hello and Welcome to my blog, in this post we will look at my 5 tops tips for Happiness

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama XIV.”

1, Choose to be HAPPY.

Its all to do with your own individual choice.

Every morning get into the habit of saying out loud or in your head. "Today I choose to be Happy"

Just like how you can choose to be angry with someone you can also choose to be happy.

2, Get out into Nature

Nature is a great way of reminding you how life should be. free from stress, all working together for its greater good. you don't see jealousy or envy in Nature. What you experience is a sense of freedom. walking or sitting in nature, and taking deep breathes through your nose and out. Try and notice everything around you, quietly absorbing all the noise be presence in #nature it allows your brain to relax and not think of future things. emerge yourself, become one and enjoy the peace that nature provides you free of charge, no #judgment.

3 Dance like No ones Watching

Put on a song That You #LOVE that makes you #feel #happy, put it on loud in the comfort of your own home and #Dance like no ones watching. Have a little wiggle, maybe a 2 step move or a twist. Feel the beat and Dance freely without judgement. This will release #Endorphins plus its a great way to exercise, 3 minutes a day eventually builds up stamina maybe dance to a 3 songs, why not a whole #album. Cheaper than the gym!

4, Hang out with your Friends

Being with your friends that make you laugh, the ones that you know you can share anything with, free from judgment and acceptance. the ones who hold the space for you when you need to talk. The ones that you can behave like silly children, but can nurture you like family.

Sharing moments and life experiences. We only have a Hand full of close friends, I know I can count on one hand my close immediate friends.

5, Make your Passion Happen.

Have you a hobby that you love? then make sure you schedule it in to your working week. Make sure you give yourself time to do the things you love to do. I play the Guitar every day. it makes feel happy. Especially when I write a new song, or I hear myself getting better. I enjoying going to local open mic to sharpen my sword and become a better at my skill and share knowledge with others. Your passion can open up a whole new network of friends were you can learn new things.

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