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Lets Talk Chakras

Symbol Root Chakra
Root Chakra Symbol

So Most of you have heard of #Chakras and if you don't welcome, I hope you will by the time you have read this. Lets talk #Root Chakra or known as #BassChakra.

This Super Cool Chakra is Connected to the Core of your physical self. It has Deep roots connecting to #Earth. The colour #Red is connected to this Chakra. Each Chakra is connected to different areas of the Body. So for the Bass Chakra it is located lower bass of the Spine, the #perineum, the whole skeletal system right down to your feet. This Chakra is all about your core fundamentals your blood, your bones your internal sex organs.

This particular Chakra is also linked to your Survival or your fight or flight response, It is about your back bone or how you stand up for yourself.

Your Bass Chakra is right were your sexual centre is and is connected to your physical organs, as well as your feelings around sexuality and how comfortable you are with it. It connects with your sexual health and your feelings for pleasure and performance. For Example studies suggest that when men suffer impotence it will be connected to your Bass Chakra, the psychology will be to do with lack of self worth or insecurity, because the bass Chakras is connected to your core feelings. Which is to do with family, relationships, Financial security, sex.

Not only Is The Bass Chakras connected to your Core Feelings but it is Also the Chakra for Manifestation, You have the Power to Create and build your own universe.

If you Bass Chakra is balanced you will be

Feeling Incredible inside your core

Great #physical and #mental health

well balanced life

If your Bass Chakra is out of Balance

Physical or mental issues relating to Sex

A feeling of not being grounded and getting things wrong

Aching lower back

Holding on to anger sudden burst of anger, as well as passive aggression

Skeletal bone problems

Anxiety and panic attacks

With the Bass Chakra you can have a Overactive and an Under active

Under active

having no energy, feeling lethargic, easily being told what to do.

easily subjected to bullying.

Feeling anxious lonely or weak. underweight may suffer a eating disorder.

irregular periods, impotence

Over Active

Holding on to things, hoarding, easily putting on weight greed

overspending working too much no work life balance , sudden out burst of anger .

Ways to Balance you Bass Chakra.

because this Chakra is connect to the Earth, going out and being in nature, eating organic and wholesome foods. Raw foods plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Exercise doesn't have to be hard can be walking, yoga, even stretching is great start.

hanging out with friends, Dancing. Gardening get your hands dirty in the soil, plant seeds join community groups.

I hoped you enjoyed this Blog and i hope it begins you on your Journey to discovering about Chakras. If you imagine Chakras like mechanical Clogs in the Body, you want to make sure they are all working in harmony, like a well oiled machine. So Get out in Nature do some dancing, Enjoy Life. Namaste

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