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Time for a Change

Updated: May 2, 2018

Are You Ready? It all begins with CHOICE.

Welcome to my blog. In this blog we we look at what is stopping you from changing

and the importance of Actioning imediately

“Luck is what happens When preparation meets opportunity.”

Are you Honouring your hearts desire?

So let me give you my 2 GOLDEN Rules

1, Confidence comes from putting the idea or passion into action IMMEDIATELY.


I've been Performing for over 15 years at #festivals all around the UK. I've had my own music on #BBC #drama 'Moving On' by Jimmy McGovern

I #Write my own #music, #Sing and play the #guitar. So many people often say I wish I had your #confidence to get up there and #perform. For everyone who has said that to me, I say I can teach you confidence.

I was that shy person like you. like you I had the ego voice telling me not to do that, as everyone will laugh, stay with me were its safe, just do what your good at.

See the picture of me playing. I was doing the make up for a #Fashion shoot at #Glastonbury 2017, We were camping in the #theatre and #circus area, I noticed the #Sound #engineer and thought why not ask him if I could play backstage at Glastonbury. The answer was Yes. I made a connection and an invite for 2019. Now if I hadn't of acted within seconds, I would of talked myself out of it.

Change Happens when you live in the moment. Choice is living in the moment.

Do It Now #DIN #5SecondRule

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